Michele Horrigan Back

In October 2023 I launched a new curatorial commission, produced as of Limerick’s  EVA International – GET ART sees elements of the EVA extensive 40 year archive of public artworks and exhibitions  infiltrate and disrupt the format of the popular board game Monopoly.

GET ART recalled the 2016 launch of a version of the game dedicated to Limerick City, where players were given the opportunity to roll dice to buy and trade local city properties and build houses and hotels, aiming to drive their opponents into bankruptcy. In making a comment about the reduction of the city’s image to financial circulation and speculative investment rather than as a cultural entity and a place of lived life, archival research sees decades of EVA artworks made in the urban fabric of Limerick re-imagined to replace property and financial transaction. Exhibition memories are recalled as a journey and interaction with the city.

GET ART is on permanent display at the EVA International office in Limerick and available for the public to play at any time. Special thanks to all the featured artists who have enriched cultural life in Ireland through their artworks.

Artists: Xu Bing, Paolo Canevari, Mark Clare, Minerva Cuevas, Fausto Delle Chiaie, Luc Deleu, Joyce Duffy, Jacob Gautel & Jason Karaindos, Liam Gillick, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Cao Guo-Qiang, Nancy Hwang, Nicholas Keogh & Paddy Bloomer, Patrick Killoran, Jason Middlebrook, Eduardo Navarro, Áine Phillips, Deirdre A. Power & Jacki Hehir  Jochen Schmith, Santiago Sierra, Superflex, Charlene Teters, Humberto Velez, Eimear Walshe


3d printing: Studio Luden / Design: Daly & Lyon